More About Michael

   Summary:   I have been negotiating and mediating contracts and business disputes for the past twenty five years. My experience focused on the US domestic and International financial markets.  I focus on non-evaluative mediation. My goal is to get parties to understand their differences. My years as a Sr. Executive allow me to understand the complexities of business disputes while breaking them down into legal concepts.    Before becoming a neutral, I participated in financial arbitration's as an expert witness. I have my master's in Legal Studies from the Washington University School of Law.  

 Affiliations:  Texas Association of  Mediators, Mediation Center of Dubai, Professional Mediators Association, Mediator Academy of the United Kingdom, Association for Conflict Resolution,  Mediators Beyond Borders   

   Back Ground: My career was spent in the financial markets managing groups across the globe for various firms. (Lehman Brothers, Penson Worldwide, Fidelity, ING, NatWest Bank). In that capacity, I reviewed and negotiated thousands of business contracts in multiple countries. I mediated hundreds of financial disputes in regards to those contracts. I perform volunteer mediations in regards to civil and family disputes. I also perform general family and divorce mediation. With my added legal degree and years of conflict management I bring the tenacity needed to bring parties together in hopes of reconciling their dispute through a settlement agreement that they come up with during the course of mediation. I am a firm believer that all mediators add value but my international business experiences and legal back ground provide that added edge needed to close the gap in a dispute. My diverse background in international business has developed me into an expert in cross cultural relationships. Trained and qualified in Family and General Mediation.