Mediation Fees

  The daily fee includes:  

  Scheduling and administering the session;   

  pre-mediation conferences;  

  Preparing for and conducting the mediation session;    

  Conducting  the post-session telephone facilitation and correspondence as needed, Michael  will meet with all parties at a later date for two hours at no additional  expense if a settlement agreement is not reached in the first session.      

Catering  is provided for all mediation's

Lunch - (full day only).   

All mediation fees are due in advance of mediation.   

Cancellation or Rescheduling Policy.     
A cancellation or rescheduling fee is charged only if  mediation is canceled or rescheduled 5 business days from the scheduled mediation date.  In such event a $100.00 fee is charged to the party  canceling or rescheduling the mediation.  If the mediation is canceled  within 24 hours of the mediation date, each party will be charged half of the party's mediation fee.  If a party fails to appear, the party will be charged the full amount of their mediation fee.

Half Day - 450 PP (3.5 Hrs)

Full Day  - 800 PP (7 Hrs)

Two Hours - 550 Split Between Two Parties

Hourly Fee - 300

Michael conducts mediation's on Saturday and Sunday by appointment at no additional fee.