Online Mediation


Private, voluntary process facilitated by an agreed upon peace keeper or third party neutral. Identify issues and develop solutions that are acceptable by all.

Live Online Mediation

This is an agreed to format accepted by the parties in the dispute. 


we can perform private, neutral and confidential mediation online. All parties simply log into our hosted facilities for their mediation session. This process significantly reduces expenses. Parties are comfortable participating from their environment. Nothing is recorded. We have the ability to secure private online rooms so that parties can speak privately with the mediator.  This online process works exactly like attending a session in person.

My Role as Mediator

  1. Manage the session as efficiently as possible.
  2. Establish communication between the parties in dispute.
  3. Listen and allow the parties to tell their story.
  4. Build a relationship with the participants in the session.
  5. Stay neutral, confidential and fair in my questioning. 
  6. Manage emotions.
  7. Analyze all information throughout the session.
  8. Help the parties create the best settlement agreement for all involved.