Michael Johnson - MLS - Founder

  Michael comes from a diverse background of having served the international business profession for over twenty five years facilitating contract disputes around the globe. . Michael  has  his master's in Legal Studies from  the Washington University School of Law. Michael's well rounded business career and his knowledge of the law make him an exceptional mediator. Michael is a tool box mediator. He will intertwine all methods of mediation so that the odds of reaching a settlement agreement are increased.  Michael has mediated  disputes in  reinsurance , financial contracts,  and civil dispute matters.

Certified Mediator's With Over Twenty Years Of Experience

  We are legally trained with world wide experiences that make us stand out as great mediators. We look for the whole positioning in a dispute and facilitate dialogue between the parties so that they may construct an effective settlement agreement that fits their needs.   



MDRS  mediates at any location convenient for all parties.  MDRS is  based is in Dallas. MDRS will  travel to other cities  in Texas, and around the globe for the purpose of mediation. . 


Texas Association of  Mediators, Mediation Center of Dubai, Professional Association of Mediators, Mediator Academy of the United Kingdom, Association for Conflict Resolution,  Mediators Beyond Borders.